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Introducing the Inko version manager

Inko now has an official version manager, making it much easier to install Inko
in a development environment.

The version manager, called “ienv”, can be used to manage Inko installations in
a development environment. This makes it much easier to install a new version
of Inko, compared to building from source.

Full article:

I would like an asdf plugin for Inko :slight_smile:

@megatux Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with asdf at all. Maintaining two different version managers is something I don’t want to do at this time, so it would have to be managed by a contributor.

That’s ok. asdf is a version manager for version managers, it’s possible to add an asdf plugin for your version manager. I can take a look at one of the existing plugins & copy it, they are bash scripts AFAIK.

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